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Sports Vision Enhancement

Assessing the visual and sensory performance of the modern athlete

Sports Vision Training, a sub-category of Optometric Vision Therapy, trains athlete's visual and sensory abilities to enhance their overall athletic performance. 

An athlete's sports performance depends significantly on the ability to see, track, and react quickly to objects such as a baseball thrown at a high speed, or the ability to anticipate the trajectory of a bouncing ball.

The Heaston and Thompson Vision Clinic is the only clinic in the Tri-Cities offering Sports Vision Enhancement using our Senaptec Sensory testing technology to evaluate, measure, and improve athlete's visual and sensory skills. 


The Senaptec Sensory Station tests relevant visual and sensory performance skills. Athlete's results are immediate, and compared to the Senaptec athlete performance database by position, sport, and level of competition to produce a customized Senaptec Sensory Performance profile. Each report will address areas for improvement, and a recommended course of action.


Using individualized training techniques on a sport-specific basis tailored to each individual athlete, the Senaptec Sensory Station can assist your athlete in hand-eye coordination, eye-tracking capability, and improved depth perception.

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