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Our passion and our drive

Carson Williams
Emma Hamaker-Teals
Ben Landers
Noah Allgaizr
Lynda Mong
Gail Mattinson
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Emmaline McKinnon

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Sheryll Hisey

I'm so thankful that my eye doctor from my previous city referred me to this clinic when we moved to Tri-cities. Dr. Thompson is very thorough and caring. He makes certain that all my questions have been answered before I leave the clinic. All members of the staff have been friendly and helpful.

Cheryl Rusthoven

I fell off my bicycle over a year ago and got a concussion to the back of my head, even though I was wearing a helmet. This past year, I’ve been coming to Vision Therapy twice a week, had seen a neurologist, occupational therapist and continue to see a therapist for weekly craniosacral massage.
My symptoms were: severe headaches, light sensitivity, balance problems, blurry vision, low energy, memory issues, and neck and back pain. All of these have mostly been alleviated.
I have learned to “rest my brain” by taking short breaks throughout the day. I no longer use an iPad, and only use the phone for communication. I walk 30 minutes daily, I play board games and brain games, I get 8 hours sleep, exercise my eyes. All this has come from vision therapy. My brain is much sharper than it was before my accident. My balance has improved, and I am confident driving again.
Thank you, Dr. Liz, Shelly, Rachel and Frieda. This time was well spent and a real-life changer.

Emily & Kammi Reser

When I started vision therapy, I had constant headaches almost every day in the afternoon. I wasn’t too sure that vision therapy would work because I had tried glasses 3 times without success. After a while of doing vision therapy, I did start noticing changes. The headaches were a lot less frequent, and when I did get them they were dull. I didn’t always do a good job at remembering to do vision therapy homework (which did not really help my case), but all in all I think vision therapy positively affected me. Not to mention both of my vision therapists were very fun to work with.
Emily Reser

When I first started bringing Emily to vision therapy, she was complaining almost daily about headaches and now they are only a few days a week. I am thankful that we did vision therapy because no mom wants to see their child in pain. I am confident that she will continue to improve as she continues vision therapy at home! Thank you!!

Kammi Reser

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